Thursday, September 12, 2013

CRY UW Team in India - Project Visit Testimonies

“Before the trip, I knew that CRY India provides support to NGOs that work with children. This weekend, I truly learned the nature of that support. It seems that CRY looks for NGOs that harness three major forces: knowledge, of a child’s universal rights; solidarity, of a community so that many voices are empowered and not just one; and perseverance, to work tirelessly over the several years it takes to effect change. An NGO, with the personal and monetary support from CRY, injects these forces into a community like a vaccine to treat the diseases of injustice and dejected attitudes passed down through generations. As a Maharashtrian by background, I am proud to have witnessed the incredible strength in the people of this state to end a vicious cycle and help children reach their full potentials."
~Ashwin Karnik, University of Washington, Fourth-Year

“Volunteering for CRY at the University of Washington and reading all about CRY has always been such an amazing experience. However, we never truly understand how CRY works and where our efforts go. Being able to come to Latur and visit these villages has been such an eye-opening experience in understanding how CRY and KMVAGVS work to make such a difference in the lives of so many people. Despite growing up with little to no opportunities, these children have been given the chance to pursue their hopes and dreams through the intervention of KMVAGVS, and it is amazing to see how much of an impact this has had on their outlook on life. These children have been through so much, yet they never fail to have a smile on their face. It was wonderful to be able to experience their passion and enthusiasm for education and fighting for their rights and see how that passion continues to grow no matter what challenges they face.”
~Shireen Chawla, University of Washington Alum, B.A. Psychology

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  1. An amazing organization and a great cause you all are going towards!! Really proud of the entire team!