Wednesday, November 18, 2009

CRY America 'Let's dream a little dream together' a call to envision and
realize a better world for children.
Shabana Azmi, acclaimed actor and Javed Akthar, renowned poet, lyricist and scriptwriter pledge their support to ensure child rights at the CRY America press conference in New York.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

To mark International Girl Child Day, today, CRY America joins its partner CRY in India to put the spotlight back on the rights of the girl child. To increase awareness we are:
(a) Inviting you to sign the charter today. This will be added to the 6000 signatures already collected and will be presented to different policy makers in India
(b) The pin doll at CRY World has been created to symbolize the girl child and she is yet to be named. We invite you to select a name that best suits her.
Please poll your choice and share this with your contact base too. Click here for the poll and the charter

Monday, August 24, 2009

CRY America had around 30 people at the India Day parade in New York on August 16, 2009, including a large, very energetic bunch of young people who danced all the way to the music from the Zee float behind us.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Right to Education Bill has been by the Indian government: Will it help all Indians make the grade? - our partner CRY in India discusses this.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CRY Walk for Child Rights 2009
CRY Walk for Child Rights, our popular annual event is in its sixth year and being organized across by 14 US cities by CRY America Volunteer Chapters. It aims at raising awareness and funds in support of underprivileged children, especially in India to ensure that all children have access to education and health care, freedom from child labor and other forms of exploitation.

The Bay Area Action Center of CRY America inaugurated the series this year with its ever popular 5th annual walk/run on Sunday, June 14 at Shoreline park, Mountain View.

Upcoming Walk events
Pittsburgh CRY Walk on August 22, 09 at Schenley Park
Detroit CRY Walk on August 29, 09 at Paint Creek Trail, Rochester
New York CRY Walk on August 29, 09 at Riverside Park, Manhattan
Lexington CRY Walk on August 29, 09 at Kentucky University Campus
Connecticut CRY Walk on August 29, 09 at Hartford Riverfront
San Diego CRY Walk on September 13, 09 at Balboa Park
Alabama CRY Walk on September 19, 09 at Alabama Huntsville Campus

To know more about upcoming walks, visit

Thursday, May 14, 2009

CRY America's 'My Vision and Dream for Children' campaign
Illiteracy, child labor, malnutrition, preventable diseases, gender discrimination, child abuse, amongst others - are injustices faced by millions of children on a daily basis. But not for long we hope ... because no matter how difficult the journey, if each of us believes in doing what's right, all children will have their right to live, learn, grow and play.

CRY America believes in a 'just' world in which all children - regardless of gender, class, caste, faith, color, race, physical and mental ability etc. - have an equal opportunity to develop to their full potential and realize their dreams.

Participate in CRY America’s “My Vision and Dream for Children” Campaign – tell us what you believe. What is your vision/dream for children? Express yourself in exciting ways - paintings, poems, essays, songs and become part of a larger movement for children’s rights.

You can register and upload your entry online. Or find out about what’s happening in your city and participate in local events being organized by our Volunteer Action Centers. View all eligible entries at our Viewing Gallery and set up your own page and invite friends to view your entry.
National winners will be chosen as per specified criteria and process and all winning entries will be specially displayed on the CRY America website and receive special certificates.

Join this campaign today … we look forward to your participation!

Express yourself - paint, write, sing, click, do what you like and help bring us closer to that day!