Friday, September 7, 2012

Vote for CRY America to with Chase Grant between $10,000 and $250,000. Vote now!

CRY America - Chase Community Grant
Make your vote count for CRY America
The 2012 Chase Community Giving Program
has nominated CRY America as an elibible charity for a grant. CRY America needs your vote to win a Chase Community Grant between $10,000 and $250,000. We estimate that we will need atleast 5000 to win this grant. Your vote counts. Vote now!
Step 1:
Click here to go to the CRY America page on Chase Community Giving Facebook app. You can cast two votes for two charities
Step 2:
Click on 'green' vote tab
and allow the application
to cast one of your votes for CRY America
Step 3:
Earn an extra vote for CRY America by clicking on ‘send’ button or link below the vote tab
Step 4:
Chase customers, please avail of the two additional votes for CRY America at
Step 5:
Request friends, family and colleagues to vote for CRY America by sharing the link
on your facebook page
Incase, the link in step 1 fails, click here to go to the Chase Community Giving app page on facebook and type in ‘CRY America’ in the search tab and continue with step 2.
Over the last ten years, thanks to the support of people like you, we’ve irreversibly transformed the lives of 411,358 children, empowered 2,524 communities and strengthened 56 struggling projects.
This year, we aim to reach out to an additional 100,000 children.
Your vote will take us a step closer.
Cast your vote now

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